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Background and Mission

Providing a Focused Education

With three campuses conveniently serving more than 1,500 students in the greater Chicago area, Northwestern College provides a solid, career-focused education in some of the fastest growing professions. In as little as one to two years, NC students can earn their certificate or degree and begin working in their chosen fields.

A Place to Prepare for the Future

Founded in 1902 to provide men and women with the specialized training necessary for a successful career in business and to support Chicago’s rapidly growing business community, NC continues to pursue the basic principle of its founder: to meet the needs of students who are career-oriented.

Northwestern College’s founder J.F. Fish had the foresight to realize that business would need competent, well-trained workers in the years ahead. His philosophy is still evident in the College today.

Mr. Fish and those who succeeded him believed that a career education should prepare students for significant, responsible lives and equip them with the intellectual and social skills necessary to succeed. Career preparation at NC emphasizes the complementary relationship between a general education foundation and specialized study. At graduation, NC students are prepared for entry into a career or for further study. Some will begin work in their chosen fields while others may seek to continue their education.

Our Mission and Purposes

The following mission statement has been adopted by the Board of Directors of Northwestern College to guide the development and growth of the College.

Northwestern College is a private, regionally accredited, degree-granting institution of higher education with over a 100-year history. The College’s relevant and future-focused curricula integrate general studies which encourage, prepare, and empower our diverse student body to pursue their professional and educational goals. Our distinctive educational programs, combined with our commitment, integrity, and student-centered learning community, provide a vital human resource for today’s ever-changing society.

Shared Values


Northwestern College is a professional educational community focused on and committed to high levels of learning for its students, faculty and staff.


Northwestern College respects the rights and dignity of all people by providing an environment that promotes a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.


We practice honest, fair, and ethical behavior in all of our activities.


We believe that up-to-date technology is pivotal to the future success of all the College’s stakeholders.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to the needs of students and employers and demonstrate this by providing quality education, resources, and services.


We challenge ourselves to continually improve.


Throughout its existence, Northwestern College has maintained the principles of the above mission statement and shared values. To accomplish its mission, Northwestern College is committed to:

  • Providing students with an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and professional faculty and staff who are dedicated to student success.
  • Offering educational programs that effectively prepare students for entry and advancement in their careers.
  • Promoting an environment that encourages respect for each individual and promotes effective listening, learning, thinking, reasoning, and communicating.
  • Providing support services that enhance the college experience.
  • Promoting personal development and lifelong learning.
  • Addressing the workforce needs of the community.
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